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Join Up Today


Now is the time to become a MEMBER of the BikeBridge Cycling Association


For a limited time, Memberships are available for just $10

Memberships are valid for THREE YEARS (will not expire until 2014 — that’s less than $3.50 a year)

Add your voice to advocate for cycling as a viable transportation option

Lend your support toward removing barriers to cycling

Support efforts for improved cycling infrastructure (bike racks, bike lanes, bikeways…)

Take part in BikeBridge events, activities, learning opportunities, workshops

Help make roadways safer for cyclists through education campaigns

Participate in a RIM (short term, ad hoc projects and actions)

Get “BikeBridge” on your hat, shirt, jacket or jersey (by LOGOS)

Your membership card entitles you do discounts at locally owned businesses

Get access to the BikeBridge Newsletter

Add you name to a growing community of Lethbridge citizens using a bicycle for some or even all their personal transportation needs

You do not have to be a cyclists or even own a bicycle to become a member

If you see the value of cycling to our community—BikeBridge is for you


– Join Today –

Download Form – Mail In

Request a Form by mail
Send an email
Subject: Membership Form
Body: Your name, address, Postal code
to: secretary@bikebridge.ca