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Racks: What to look for, and new ones in Lethbridge!

Did You Know?

  • Good bicycle security begins with good bicycle racks!
  • Secure bicycle parking is quickly becoming a competitive amenity for many property owners, and businesses.
  • Many cyclists will patronize a business that offers bicycle parking over one that does not.

Suggestions for Installing or Upgrading Bicycle Parking Facilities

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FLVT Bikefest on June 6, 2014 − what a day!

Several hundred bicycles all being used in one place in Lethbridge! (The picture at the top on this web site is from that day, just before things got rolling!)

FLVT stands for Father Leonard Van Tighem School (primary and junior high) in West Lethbridge.  Conceived and organized by teacher Steve Leger, the first BikeFest, held on June 6, included a skills area, an obstacle race course, newspaper tossing for carriers, a safety course, bike and helmet checks, and maintenance demonstrations.

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Bike Swap 2014 – Success!

Dozens of bicycles found their way to appreciative new homes during Lethbridge’s second annual bike swap on Saturday, April 26, thanks to the good people at Alberta Bike Swap.

The venue this year was the hall at Southminister United Church, a bright and easily accessible space (no flight of stairs this time!), conveniently located downtown and not far from the bike shops.

Alpenland and Bert and Mac’s brought in a selection of new bicycles, and dozens of used models arrived throughout the morning intake period. By sale time, the crowd of potential buyers was eager to get indoors — possibly due to the howling snow storm outside! But the storm can’t take credit for how quickly the bikes then headed out the door with satisfied new owners.

Stay tuned for details for Bike Swap 2015!

The first annual Bike Swap . . . a great success!

On April 27, 2013, Bikebridge successfully hosted our first annual Bike Swap in North Lethbridge. Attendance was good and a good number of those found excellent bikes they wanted to buy. We were also able to support local bicycle shops by referring prospective customers who didn’t quite find what they were looking for in the swap. Please keep in touch for the Bike Swap next year which promises to be bigger and better!

You can comment on this event for up to 30 days from the day it was posted. Did you enjoy the event? Did you find the bike you needed? Most important of all, how could we improve it? We would love to hear from you.

PRATS | Downtown Lethbridge – Bicycle Users’ Considerations

The City Community Planning Department is undertaking PRATS**, a Public Realm and Transportation Study for Downtown Lethbridge to assist in the fulfillment of the Heart of Our City Master Plan vision.

As part of the study, BikeBridge is being included as a stakeholder to provide the perspective of the bicycle transportation user in Downtown Lethbridge.

Charrettes Design Sessions From June 13 through the 16, the City is holding a charrette design session where stakeholders will come together to explorer ideas for the study area and downtown.  BikeBridge will have a representative in attendance.

June 7, BikeBridge submitted a “PRATS Downtown Bicycle User Considerations” paper as a guide for consideration of bicycle transportation use downtown generally and the for charrette design process.  The Paper can be viewed as a PDF on Google Docs.

Please refer back to this website posting periodically for updates and information on the PRATS process: developments as well as noted concerns.

The BikeBridge Board encourages your ideas and comments, please feel free to add those as comments to this post.

*  *  *

** PRATS will outline short to medium term (10-20 years) strategies encompassing improvements to the public realm components including: the transportation network, streetscapes, open spaces, gateways & public art, pedestrian and cycling connections, public transit, and public parking.  Recommendation will be expected to effectively address both current and future developments in downtown Lethbirdge.

Currently the Study Areas:

The current study area is along 5th ST S from 5th AVE to 1 AVE, and includes 2 AVE S from Scenic Drive to 5 ST, 3 AVE S from 4 ST to 5 ST and a section of 3 AVE from 7 ST to 8 ST

2011-13 City Bike Lanes & Pathways Projects Plan

11-01 Regional Pathway along West side of Scenic Drive S from 4th Ave to 1st Ave S

This is not contained in the Master Plan
There are no details on how this trail will cross Whoop Up or the other Avenues
Master Plan project 71, 72, 67 (pages 61) 67 and 71 are described as promenades, 72 is an on street bike lane

11-02 Bike lanes or Bike route along 10 AVE S from MMDR to 13 ST and along 13 ST S from 10 AVE to 16 AVE S

Master Plan 28 (page 52)



11-03 Regional Pathway along MMDR S from 10 AVE S to 12 AVE S

Master Plan 56 (page 53)

11-04 Local Connector along Coulee Top from Canyon Crest to University

No Master Plan reference

12-01 Local Connector along 26 AVE N West of 36 ST N

No Master Plan reference

12-02 Bike lanes or Bike route along 9 AVE N from 28 ST N to Scenic Drive N

Master Plan project 49 (page 58)

12-03 Bike lanes or Bike route along 3 AVE S from MMDR to 13 ST S

Master Plan project 60 (page 53)

12-04 Local Connector along Columbia from to Laval Blvd

No Master Plan reference

13-01 Bike lanes or Bike route along 2 AVE N and 28 ST N from 43 ST N to 5 AVE N

No Master Plan reference

13-02 Regional Pathway along Crowsnest Trail from MMDR S  to 43 ST S

Master Plan project 14 (page 51)

13-03 Regional Pathway along Whoop DR W and University DR W

Master Plan project 6 (page 55)

13-04 Bike lane or Bike route along McMaster BLVD W and MacLeod DR W from Columbia DR W to University DR W

Master Plan project 4 (page54)  – note plan calls for high speed commuter pathway.


Please add your comments and suggestions below.