Racks: What to look for, and new ones in Lethbridge!

Did You Know?

  • Good bicycle security begins with good bicycle racks!
  • Secure bicycle parking is quickly becoming a competitive amenity for many property owners, and businesses.
  • Many cyclists will patronize a business that offers bicycle parking over one that does not.

Suggestions for Installing or Upgrading Bicycle Parking Facilities

A secure and useable bicycle parking rack will be…

  • Located in a visible, well lit area. Parking should be easy to spot from the road. Cyclists will avoid parking in isolated areas, so choose a visible, high-use area to deter thieves.
  • Protected from rain/snow. Use overhangs and awnings to provide shelter from weather.
  • Relatively close to the main entrance. If it’s too far away, cyclists will start locking their bikes to trees, posts, and street furniture that are nearer the entrance.
  • Located where it can be easily found and accessed. Place signs inside and outside indicating the location of the bicycle parking.
  • Designed to allow the locking of both the bicycle frame and at least one wheel with a U-lock (this is the most secure lock type). Please avoid racks that only hold one wheel.  These racks can bend a bicycle’s wheel. Also, with wheel-only designs, only the wheel can be
    Brand new bike racks installed in 2014 at the Lethbridge Public Library

    Brand new bike racks installed in 2014 at the Lethbridge Public Library in Lethbridge.

    locked, making the bicycle an easy target for theft, particularly since most bicycles now have quick-release wheels.

  • Designed to leave enough room to lock bicycles side by side, even with panniers and wide handle bars. Please be aware that rack manufacturers often overstate capacity. Plan for each bicycle to use up to .6 X 1.8 metres (2 feet by 6 feet). Allow at least .6m (2 foot) clearance between the rack and walls, poles, street furniture, motorists and pedestrians.
  • Secure. Thieves have been known to carry off entire racks full of bikes. Racks should be all-metal construction and anchored in concrete or affixed with tamper-proof bolts or screws. Make sure the area is well-lit at night. Consider adding a security camera and signage to advertise it.
  • Designed to permit the locking of various bicycle sizes and types. Avoid racks that do not support the frame at two points—bicycles can fall over and the racks are often misused, resulting in reduced capacity.

Sobey’s on Mayor Magrath Dr. S. is an example of good bicycle security
– Solid cora rack, anchored in concrete
– Visible location and easily found
– Can be monitored from inside the store
– Close to entrance
– Good lighting
– Protected from the weather
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