FLVT Bikefest on June 6, 2014 − what a day!

Several hundred bicycles all being used in one place in Lethbridge! (The picture at the top on this web site is from that day, just before things got rolling!)

FLVT stands for Father Leonard Van Tighem School (primary and junior high) in West Lethbridge.  Conceived and organized by teacher Steve Leger, the first BikeFest, held on June 6, included a skills area, an obstacle race course, newspaper tossing for carriers, a safety course, bike and helmet checks, and maintenance demonstrations.

BikeBridge sent two volunteers to assist in the Safe Riding Zone, run by Safety City, where we encouraged the students to stop at Stop signs, use directional arm signals, and not run down pedestrians! It’s good practice for all ages.

We expected students to derive some measure of glee at being excused from classes on a Friday morning, but the joy we saw at the pleasure of riding their bikes was far beyond that.  Now, the challenge is to maintain that experience as they get older and are tempted by other means of locomotion.

Good technical riding skills and respectful use of roads and pathways will help improve their confidence and enjoyment of biking.  We’re hoping this keeps it an attractive option as they grow older. We also hope that BikeFest will be an annual event for FLVT and spread to other schools in our city − in fact, we’re issuing that challenge to all the rest of Lethbridge schools!