Cycling for Anyone in (almost) any Weather







with Shelagh Graham

Wednesday, January 24, 7 – 9 PM

at Theoretically Brewing, 1263b Р2nd Ave S, Lethbridge, Alberta  T1J 0E7

Shelagh Graham is a city planner, language instructor, community activist, baker, and soon to be mom who has been cycling year-round for nearly 5 years. Starting in Winnipeg (brrr!) and now Lethbridge, she continues to bike commute regularly in her third trimester.

But don’t get the wrong impression, Shelagh wasn’t raised by hippies on unicycles. At age 25, Shelagh’s bike knowledge was limited to the basics of how to ride one. But over the past 10 years she’s slowly become a confident and competent rider participating in cycle-tours, mountain biking adventures, cyclocross racing, and most recently bicycle polo. She also can fix a flat! From basically zero to bike hero, Shelagh can help you understand how to get started and build yourself up.

Shelagh will be joined by a few other experienced winter riders to show you how to get riding in all types of weather.

This will be a hands-on seminar with demonstrations of things like:

  • How to dress for cycling in winter. Arrive in style with no change room required!
  • Tips and tricks for riders new to winter riding
  • Route selection, with examples and suggestions
  • How to build a routine and why biking every day can be better than some days
  • What makes a good winter bike, with hands-on demos
  • Winter bike options, and how to get started on the cheap
  • Winter bike cleaning and maintenance.

Please register as seating is limited.