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BikeShorts Bulletin – February 2012

TMP Policy Workshop

On January 16, BikeBridge attended by invitation, a half-day workshop aimed at developing policy for the City’s new Transportation Master Pan (TMP).  Three members of our Board participated with lots of good discussion around the needs of cyclists and other “under-utilized” forms of transportation.  One interesting stat from City research is that there are about as many trips by bike and on foot as there are by public transit.  Of course neither are yet anywhere close to the number of trips made by motor vehicles.  We have asked workshop organizers to pass along any policy drafts specific to Cycling Transportation for review and feedback — we have not heard back as yet.  There are indications that draft TMP policy will be available for public review at an open-house sometime in April.  Watch for more on this.

Wanted: BikeBridge Website Manager

If you have an interest in website design and content management, BikeBridge is looking for a volunteer or volunteers to manager our existing website or even take a look at developing something new.  Email if you have an interest and include your experiences with managing and/or developing websites.

Wanted: BikeShorts Editor and Writers

BikeBridge is looking for member volunteers for BikeShorts: this email publication sent out periodically to subscribers on our mailing list.  We would like someone interested in collecting, reviewing, and editing submissions for inclusion in BikeShorts (from the Board and other interested submitters) and preparing the publication for distribution.  We are also interested in volunteers interested in writing for BikeShorts: articles, news items and thoughts on cycling. Email with your interest.

Wanted: Mailing List Manager

BikeBridge is looking for a member interested in managing our mailing list — yes, the one you are on as a subscriber to BikeShorts.  We are currently using the free version of MailChimp, an internet service for maintaining email lists and sending out publications.  Email with you interest.

Moonlight Run

BikeBridge has again agreed to provide some logistics for the Annual Moonlight Run March 10, 2012.  We are providing venue door count services as well as a BikeBridge display.  If you are interested in helping out with the display booth (chat with cyclists and potential members) please email


BikeBridge has been working on an idea we are calling a Cycling Backbone Route (CBR) network.  It is our hope that such a network would provide a planning basis for where (and how) the City focuses on cycling infrastructure developments.  The CBR network would allow cyclists to ride year-round from and to any part of the city within a bike-prioritized, uninterrupted framework.  Essentially, cyclists could use existing roads and trails to reach a backbone route and then the connected network to reach other sections of our city.  For a more detail description of the CBR network checkout the BikeBridge website.

Valley Backbone – One such route would better link west (University) and south (downtown) Lethbridge.  The essential part of this route could be a high-speed, reduced-grade bikeway traversing the river valley — reducing the physical (fitness) barrier the valley presents to many cyclists.  BikeBridge believes the valley is a significant barrier to cycling throughout our city because it sustains the mind-set that our community is not very bike-able, not cycling-friendly.  Recently, BikeBridge sat down with some other users (walkers, runners) to talk a bit about the issues and some innovative possibilities for crossing the valley.  You will be hearing a lot more on this very soon.

The BikeBridge 3rd Annual AGM 

The BikeBridge Annual General Meeting is tentatively set for April 21 at the Lethbridge Public Library (Downtown).  BikeBridge members will receive an “official” notification by email as soon as the date, time and agenda are completed.

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