Bikebridge meets with City of Lethbridge

On October 23, 2014, Bikebridge met with the City of Lethbridge for a very productive meeting to discuss the Lethbridge Commuter Cycling Plan 2015. City representatives explained past, current and future plans.  A range of topics were covered including the comprehensive planning process required to integrate a bicycle plan into the overall transportation plan for the City.

We were pleased to be able to flag a number of issues of importance to bicyclists:

  • the need for better signage on bicycle routes
  • initiatives to design better ways for bicyclists to cross bridges. This should include specific ways for bicyclists to be seen on bridges, and plans for wide enough roads/paths to allow safe passage
  • problems created by Whoop-Up Drive hill for bicyclists and how to mitigate them
  • the need for education to inform both bicyclists and motorists how to share the road

City of Lethbridge officials, from both Transportation Infrastructure and Community Relations, outlined how a Commuter Cycling Plan will be developed in 2015 and described opportunities for Bikebridge and city cyclists to be involved. They have asked Bikebridge to inform them of cycling events, etc. – places where they will be able to implement their survey or share information. Bikebridge will also help promote an upcoming survey.

We are excited to working with the City of Lethbridge moving forward with a Commuter Cycling Plan.

If you have ideas for how you can contribute to this exchange and discussion, please feel free email us with your ideas to: