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Racks: What to look for, and new ones in Lethbridge!

Did You Know?

  • Good bicycle security begins with good bicycle racks!
  • Secure bicycle parking is quickly becoming a competitive amenity for many property owners, and businesses.
  • Many cyclists will patronize a business that offers bicycle parking over one that does not.

Suggestions for Installing or Upgrading Bicycle Parking Facilities

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Bike Swap 2015 – Another successful event

In 2015, Bike Swap was held on Saturday, April 25, at the Southminister United Church, the same great location we’ve used before. As hoped, more people brought in used bikes to sell at the swap than ever before. Nonetheless, demand still exceeded supply, so we hope you will consider putting your old bike (“old” as soon as you can arrange

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FLVT Bikefest on June 6, 2014 − what a day!

Several hundred bicycles all being used in one place in Lethbridge! (The picture at the top on this web site is from that day, just before things got rolling!)

FLVT stands for Father Leonard Van Tighem School (primary and junior high) in West Lethbridge.  Conceived and organized by teacher Steve Leger, the first BikeFest, held on June 6, included a skills area, an obstacle race course, newspaper tossing for carriers, a safety course, bike and helmet checks, and maintenance demonstrations.

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Bike Swap 2014 – Success!

Dozens of bicycles found their way to appreciative new homes during Lethbridge’s second annual bike swap on Saturday, April 26, thanks to the good people at Alberta Bike Swap.

The venue this year was the hall at Southminister United Church, a bright and easily accessible space (no flight of stairs this time!), conveniently located downtown and not far from the bike shops.

Alpenland and Bert and Mac’s brought in a selection of new bicycles, and dozens of used models arrived throughout the morning intake period. By sale time, the crowd of potential buyers was eager to get indoors — possibly due to the howling snow storm outside! But the storm can’t take credit for how quickly the bikes then headed out the door with satisfied new owners.

Stay tuned for details for Bike Swap 2015!

The first annual Bike Swap . . . a great success!

On April 27, 2013, Bikebridge successfully hosted our first annual Bike Swap in North Lethbridge. Attendance was good and a good number of those found excellent bikes they wanted to buy. We were also able to support local bicycle shops by referring prospective customers who didn’t quite find what they were looking for in the swap. Please keep in touch for the Bike Swap next year which promises to be bigger and better!

You can comment on this event for up to 30 days from the day it was posted. Did you enjoy the event? Did you find the bike you needed? Most important of all, how could we improve it? We would love to hear from you.

Bridges and Pedways: Cities slowly adapt to pedestrians and cyclists. . .

Here are several pictures of a newly constructed pedway in Toronto – an example of how cities are slowly becoming more pedestrian and bike friendly.  This pedway is expected to spur retail and office developments around the Pickering Station.

It was designed to serve both pedestrians and bicyclists, crosses 14 lanes of traffic, is completely glass enclosed, and has elevators in addition to stairs at each of its access points. The $22.5-million project opened in January, 2012 and was constructed mainly at night to minimize traffic disruption.

In October 2012, the Lethbridge City Council was given projected figures of around $60 million to build what seems like a much simpler pedway (no glass enclosure, no elevators) across the Oldman River. Maybe this gives us a bit of hope that it wouldn’t be hard so expensive (?!) to bridge the Oldman after all!

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BikeShorts | vol 3 no 1

BikeBridge Cycling Association

BikeShorts Bulletin – February 2012

TMP Policy Workshop

On January 16, BikeBridge attended by invitation, a half-day workshop aimed at developing policy for the City’s new Transportation Master Pan (TMP).  Three members of our Board participated with lots of good discussion around the needs of cyclists and other “under-utilized” forms of transportation.  One interesting stat from City research is that there are about as many trips by bike and on foot as there are by public transit.  Of course neither are yet anywhere close to the number of trips made by motor Continue reading