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BikeBridge – Purpose

To inspire, facilitate, and celebrate cycling as a means of transportation in Lethbridge

BikeBridge – Our Objectives

  • To advocate for the development of infrastructure, facilities and policy that support cycling as a viable transportation option in Lethbridge.
  • To develop reciprocal relationships with like-minded organizations.
  • To promote the safe and effective use of bicycles through the education of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.
  • To facilitate and promote events that celebrate cycling.
  • To establish a strong and visible community of cyclists.

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2017-2018 Board of Directors

The BikeBridge Cycling Association Board

  • President: Tyler J. Stewart
  • Vice President: Aaron Trozzo
  • Secretary: Alex Singbeil
  • Treasurer: Keith Sumner
  • Director: Jody Keim
  • Director: Peter Pankonin
  • Director: (vacant)
  • Director: (vacant)
  • Past Directors: Jason Laurendeau, Kim Siever, Glen Roelofs, Stuart Walker, Mark Pijl Zieber, Greg Travis, Annabree Fairweather, John Sherriff, Ron Teather, Heather MacDermid, Elspeth Nickle, Shannan Little, Craig Churchward, Kim Siever

BikeBridge – Our Story, Our Passion

In a nutshell, we want to encourage more bicycle use in Lethbridge.

Why? It’s simple: the bicycle offers us all opportunities at improved well-being. Riding a bike is exhilarating; it slows us down and awakens our awareness of our connection to the earth and each other. From a bicycle’s more human scale we see, smell, hear and feel the neighbourhood’s real beauty. Cycling builds and maintains fitness, for the cyclist and the community.

At BikeBridge, we believe that if, as a community, we can reduce the barriers that keep us from using  our bicycles, we can improve our lives and those of our neighbours. We think that is what community is all about.

At BikeBridge, we believe the barriers to cycling in Lethbridge relate primarily to safety, security and demands on fitness. When considering a trip by bicycle our first considerations are probably: 

  • Is it a safe route to and from my destination?
  • Do I have the ability to physically make the trip? Is it an easy or difficult route?
  • Once I arrive, will there be a place to secure my bicycle and the things I take with me or acquire en route?

BikeBridge is dedicated to removing the main barriers that keep citizens in Lethbridge from using a bicycle for at least some of their transportation requirements.

The TIme Has Come

Throughout Europe, across the United States and in many progressive Canadian cities people are reintroducing themselves to the bicycle as a very real answer to their transportation requirements. Bicycle sales are surging, and bicycle makers are responding to the needs of urban cyclists with an exciting array of city bikes, Dutch bikes, cargo and fold-able commuter bikes.

Although many communities have been slow to recognize and respond to the growing desire to use urban bicycles, there are many exciting and unique projects and services being undertaken or contemplated. Infrastructure improvements include everything from bike lanes on roadways and “share the road” signs, to super bikeways, dedicated bike bridges and even covered parking structures. Many citizens are beginning to see that we cannot continue to grow our roadway systems in response to every desire of the motorist if we want to sustain our city and our world.

The Time Is Right

We believe that the citizens of Lethbridge know the time has come for change. But we also believe that there is little awareness around what that change will look like or how it might be encouraged. This is why BikeBridge exists. The time is now, the time is right.

Catch 22

Many, who might otherwise ride a bicycle as a means of transportation, are concerned about mixing in with motorized traffic and about the physical ability required for some routes. Others admit there is a lack of a secure bicycle parking. Many of these barriers to cycling could be reduced with better cycling facilities and infrastructure. So, better facilities would encourage more cyclists, but cities tend to provide facilities based on demand, in this case, on more cyclists. That’s the Catch 22, and that’s where Bikebridge comes in. We want to encourage both more cyclists and, at the same time, better facilities. We want to bridge the gap.

Let’s Make It Happen

Of course, being or becoming a cyclist in Lethbridge does not require membership in any organization.  It is generally agreed, though, that the more cyclists there are on the streets, bikeways and trails, the better (and safer) the cycling experience. We think that’s true in making change happen too.  he more voices there are singing the virtues of cycling and the needs of cyclists, the more we catch the ear of others: our neighbours, others who might become cyclists, motorists, and city councillors. BikeBridge can also provide an opportunity to become more directly active in creating a community that is “bike-friendly”, or maybe, just plain friendly.

Legal Documents/Submissions

BikeBridge Bylaws

Barriers to Cycling – City Circle Submission